Pie Class, Anyone?

Sorry it has been silent this week.  Mike left me to mother our two babies alone.  I didn’t sleep, eat, or do anything beyond childcare for 12 whole days.

Would any of you happen to be interested in a pie class just before Thanksgiving?  Michael has had requests from some of his friends for cooking classes.  And Thanksgiving season seems like the perfect time.

What: Learn to Bake a Pie (make butter pie dough, blind bake a crust, then fill it with Chocolate Caramel Pecan filling – just in time to serve on Thanksgiving Day)

When: Saturday, November 21st, time to be determined by participants

Where: South Davis County

What you bring: Your own ingredients or cash to cover the ingredient list (about $10-ish, to be determined)

Sign up: Email Megan at meganhinckley@gmail.com

I think I have enough room in my tiny house for about five people.  It’s my favorite pie and will have everyone that tastes it totally impressed.  Pictured below, before baking and after baking:



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