Eating on a Budget

We are deep in Baby Step #2, working feverishly to pay back student loans for grad school and I am thinking about making a challenge for myself.  For the 2016 year, I’ve decided that we are going to live on a budget of $30 per week for food for all four of us.  That’s roughly $120 per month.  We have a lot of food storage to rotate through, which will help keep costs low.  We have also recently become completely unsatisfied with eating out, so we are adding that to our plan, too.  No restaurants.  No takeout.  For 366 days (leap year!).

I’ve made a rough outline of daily dinner themes:

Mondays: Pasta (dinner and leftovers for less than $3!)

Tuesdays: Tacos or Beans and Rice

Wednesday: Pantry (i.e. get creative with what we have) or Leftovers

Thursday: Soup, Salad, Sandwiches, or Breakfast

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Beans and Rice

Sunday: Special recipe

Yes, we have beans and rice more than once a week.  I cook beans from dry in an electric pressure cooker and I’m confident that I would eat beans every day and love it if I had to.

Wish us luck.  If all goes well, we should be able to save an extra $1,800 just by cutting our groceries down to practically nothing.  I’m hoping to post some recipes soon.  We’ve been so incredibly busy.  Mike is finishing up the semester, I’ve had to write a whole chapter in the curriculum I’m writing in 3 weeks, and there hasn’t been much cooking going on around here.  We’re getting back on the bandwagon.  Slowly, but surely.


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