Beef and Broccoli & Meat Tip

I don’t really love to handle raw meat.  I’d rather not touch it and then clean up after it.  Just not my thing.  So often, I buy a 10 pound bag of chicken breasts from the freezer section in Costco.  It requires very little touching as it usually is trimmed fairly well and if I cook it in the slow cooker it will shred easily once it’s cooked.  Another tip is to buy meat at Target.

What?!  Target?  Their meat is priced super ridiculously high!!  Yes, it is.  But not if you find meat that is near its expiration date and has a $1, $2, $3, or $4 discount sticker on it.  Every time I go to Target, I quickly wander through their meat section and pick up anything that I think I may use in the next month, then promptly go home and freeze it.  Target meat usually is fairly trimmed and has a lot less “gross” packaging than meat that I would buy at a local grocery store like Smith’s or Dick’s.

Just a tip.

Here’s a dinner on the cheap for you, especially if you use lots of broccoli and a little beef.  This is definitely one of our favorites and we eat it as often as I buy a cut of beef (which isn’t very often).  Last week I picked up a chuck steak at Target.  It was marked $8.49 and had a $4 off coupon on it.  When I went to cut it up, I cut half of the steak into pieces for dinner and the other half of the steak into pieces and placed them in a freezer container for next time I make this dish.  See how I did that?  I only had to touch it once for two meals.  Cool.  And, the meat for each meal cost roughly $2.25.  The recipe makes enough to feed two large dinner portions and have leftovers for two decent size lunches tomorrow.








Estimated Cost of Ingredients: $2.25 beef, $1.00 broccoli, $1.00 soy sauce, Sriracha, oil, honey, vinegar, $0.25 onion, $0.25 rice

Total: $4.75 (approximately)


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