Homemade Frozen Pizza

I know a lot of people who think that making homemade pizza is just too much work.  For me, it’s a relaxing time, to dig into dough, combine my favorite toppings, and reminisce about the many many wonderful memories centered around a large pizza pie.

Like the one time that I was in San Diego, and we ordered a deep dish pineapple pizza.  We were starving.  It was burning hot.  It was delicious!

We like to eat pizza on Fridays (or Mondays, we’re not picky).  But as a crazy busy family, that relaxing time to prep pizza does not exist.  So I went looking for an easier alternative.


Did you know that you can make your own frozen pizzas, ready to cook when you are?  It’s easy.  Let me tell you how.

  1. Make your favorite pizza crust recipe.  I like this one or this one or even this one.  Prepare through a first rise in a bowl or lumped on the counter.
  2. Spread pizza dough on an oiled pan.  Try to keep the dough pretty thin.  I use these disposable cookie sheets for pizzas to give away.  I bought a couple of quarter sheet pans (they’re about 9″x13″) for pizzas I make and freeze for our family.
  3. Top with sauce, cheese, and other hearty toppings (meat, onions, olives, pineapple!!).  Save the peppers, mushrooms, spinach, chopped tomatoes, and other delicate toppings for putting on the pizza just before baking.  I love this sauce recipe, but often just use a jar of store-bought spaghetti sauce.
  4. Cover pizza with foil and freeze.  These probably shouldn’t be in the freezer more than about 4 weeks.
  5. When you’re ready to cook, preheat your oven to 425 degrees, put in the frozen pizza and bake for 20 minutes, add additional time, as needed.  You’ll know it’s done when the crust is a golden brown and the cheese is bubbly.

I think this typically tastes better than fresh pizza (something about the dough aging and being delicious) and much much better than a frozen pizza purchased from the store.

Good eating!


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