About Us

Michael and Megan are the proud parents to two boys.  Both of which love to eat, something that they inherited from their parents, no doubt.

Megan was raised on good home-style cooking, learning the basics of a good casserole and delicious baked goods.  After marriage, she rented America’s Test Kitchen DVDs from the local library, read endless recipe books, and participated in the time-tested ritual of trial and error until she felt confident in the kitchen.

Michael grew up knowing only one recipe, the one he still knows from heart, waffles.  He likes them with butter and syrup, with peanut butter and (Megan’s homemade) jam, and most of all, he likes them with Nutella (or ice cream, he’s not picky).

Prepare yoursleves for a variety of delectable recipes.  It’s what we do best.


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